...Just a few words for our friends coming from other countries...It's such a joy for me to greet people coming from Nederland, Belgium, Norway, Switzerland, and - I hope so - soon from Germany, Britanny and may be some day from the Usa or Eastern Europe !

It's obvious that the "Natcham" feeling is above words, and does so much concerns all the earth-connected people (and not only french people) ! My work as a nature's ambassador embed a spiritual meaning that reaches a very wide range of people all around the world.

The big tribe of the "Natcham" nation is raising - from shamanism to Aquarius age - whatever words we use. There is such an essential need to come back to nature and to a deeper relationship with the mysteries of woods, exhilaration of rivers and waterfalls, and encounters with spirits of the wild...

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The place where our summer camps happens, hidden in a holy glen of the South France, has been prepared an devoted for years. It's now a doorway to wellness and magics in complete immersion with nature. You'll discover many treasures there but mostly, you will come back to yourself. 

It's an adventure that we build together. You'll be part of a merry native tribe for almost a week, and I can swear that you'll never forget it ! 

It's a wind of liberty and edenic return that i'm proposing you, and I'll do my best to help you to enter this realm of beauty and joy... 


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